The Hand Of Fate Tattoo Parlor, Ithaca, NY

The Hand of Fate Tattoo Parlor came into existence October 13, 2007, located in the newly revitalized West End neighborhood of Ithaca, a picturesque college town in upstate New York.  We are located minutes away from Cornell campus and Ithaca College. Originally conceived as The State Street Tattoo Parlor by award winning New York City tattoo artist Eddie 'Lefty' Molina, the tattoo shop was renamed after Eddie had a gruesome run in with a wood router during construction. He cut off the end of his left hand pinky, amended the business paperwork at Ithaca City Hall first thing Monday morning, and The Hand of Fate Tattoo Parlor was born.

Our tattoo shop in beautiful Ithaca, NY is a first-class tattooing establishment with experienced artists that specialize in completely custom work for you, the client.  Our highly skilled team of tattoo artists will work with you (and your budget!) to design your one of a kind tattoo, be it your first or the tenth in a growing collection!  We do take walk-ins without an appointment for smaller tattoos as time allows. However, if you’re thinking about larger scale work or a complex piece, we suggest coming in ahead of time for a consultation. Due to his high demand, Eddie Molina tattoos BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Eddie also has a TWO HOUR MINIMUM for NEW tattoo projects. If you would like work done by Eddie 'Lefty' Molina, please call us for his availability for NEW PROJECTS and to get on his waiting list! THANK YOU for your understanding!

We exceed all New York State and New York City Health Department and safety standards, adhering to strict procedures and guidelines to maintain a sterile environment. Owner and head artist Eddie Molina is a profesionally licensed tattooist through the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. In addition, lab certified tests are mailed out once a month to maintain important sterilization equipment.  Your health and safety, as well as our artists' well being, is top priority.