With so many other shops in Ithaca, why should I come to The Hand of Fate Tattoo Parlor for a tattoo?

Because we are a high end, custom tattoo parlor, staffed by award winning artists, that specialize in both large and small scale, hand drawn custom artwork for the discerning collector. Our artists will go the extra mile to ensure that you, the client, has the best possible experience from the moment you walk through the door, right up until you walk out the door--even if that means we refer you to one of the other shops in town, because we feel they are more qualified to give you that custom, one of a kind tattoo that you are looking for. Not to mention our commitment to high standards when it comes to sterility, safety, and cleanliness.


Do I need an appointment?

No, but it helps. If you want a small tattoo come on in and in most cases we will be able to tattoo you on the spot. However if you are interested in a large scale, custom tattoo, we suggest you come in or call ahead to set up a free consultation with one of the artists, who will then listen to your ideas and take notes. We will then set you up with an appointment (scheduled appointments require a minimum deposit of $50). PLEASE LEAVE A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER ON AN ONLINE INQUIRY! We'll get back with you ASAP.


How much does a tattoo cost?

Our shop minimum is $60.00, but that’s just where we begin. The cost of a tattoo is determined by a number of different factors, the most common being size, placement on the body, detail involved in the design, and color vs. black & grey.  Your artist will cover all of that in your free consultation, before you start the design process.


 Does it hurt?

Yes it hurts. We are breaking the skins surface and permanently imbedding pigment under the skin. The good news it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as your imagination or your friends makes it out to be. The intensity of pain varies from person to person and between one part of the body and another. A good description of the sensation is to imagine a bad sunburn and someone is drawing on top of it with a ballpoint pen, it's an annoying pain not horrible pain.


I’m under the age of 18, can I get a tattoo if my parent/guardian signs for me?

No, the law states, that an individual must be at least 18 years of age to receive a tattoo in the state of New York, furthermore we are required to check and keep proof of age.


Are tattoos safe?

We here at The Hand Of Fate Tattoo Parlor can’t speak for everyone doing tattoos, but we take your health and safety as our highest priority. Though there are no official regulations enforced by the Tompkins County Department of Health, we choose to self-regulate ourselves by following the guidelines used by New York City, and Hawaii (the Most stringent laws in the US) and by holding an up-to-date license to tattoo in the city of New York. As well you will always see new single use needles, disposable ink holders, disposable razors, and disposable plastic barriers covering everything that is used in the tattoo procedure.


What are your hours of operation?

The Hand Of Fate Tattoo Parlor open mon-thurs and sunday 11am-9pm and fri\sat 11am-10:30pm! 


Where are you located in Ithaca?

The Hand Of Fate Tattoo Parlor, is centrally located in the newly dubbed, Ithaca West End Revitalization Corridor, right next to The Rook and across from the new Kitchen Theater, just a few blocks down from the Ithaca Commons On the corner of West State/Martin Luther King Street and Plain Street.


The Hand Of Fate Tattoo Parlor

402 West State/Martin Luther King Street

Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

(607) 319-4999


Where should I park my car?

The best places to park are the two blocks of Plain street, that intersect West State/Martin Luther king street, the one directly across from the shop seems to be the more secure of the two, there is also metered street parking directly in front of the shop.


Do you take credit cards?

Yes, The Hand Of Fate Tattoo Parlor is a CASH/CREDIT CARD Business.